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In 2006 we started Hulsbosch International LLC and BV, Which was a consultancy firm focusing on the Cabin related aspects of mainly Narrowbody aircraft for Lessors and Operators. Gerard Hulsbosch had already been in the aircraft interior business for 19 years at that time. After landing in Valencia Spain in 2012 we originally saw the need for a better support system for the Lessors. With Aircraft interiors on return aircraft always being an issue. So we stated a Part 145 maintenance organization and started repairing seats and trading interior parts. Due to more stringent requirements on the newer aircraft and with HIC becoming more and more mainstream requirement for the Lessors the secondhand seat business came to slow down. Therefor we now have long term agreements with OEMs to source new seats for any of the Narrowbody projects that are non Line deliveries. With the increasing volume of seats we move we have been able to offer new seats at a very attractive price. On top of that we have partnered with several Part 21 organizations to provide quick turn around Cabin SB's. Since our partners are fully up to speed with the products we offer there is never an issue with lack of documentation or questions regarding certification of these products. As an additional service we have part support for A320 series and B737 series aircraft. We provide Storage and consignment for your left over parts, your return seats etc.

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